Saddle clamp

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saddle clamp


aluminum silver or black anodized


The saddle clamp clips the seat postto the bicycle frame and causes the saddle to remain in the adjusted position.

The fitting Pitlock security skewer (installation width 33 mm) guarantees the theft protection.


2 colour available

All saddle clamps are available in silver or black!

The standard axle SA 33/43 fits all of our offered saddle clamps !!!


The required size is usually indicated on the seat tube or on the old saddle clamp.

If not:
The external diameter is measured on the bicycle frame at the end of the seat tube. 
The diameter of the seat tube should ideally be slightly smaller than the stated size of the saddle clamp.

PITLOCK saddle clamps are available in the following 5 sizes:

28.6 mm (for seat tubes with 27.5 - 28.8 mm diameter)

- silver Art. No. PNOSS28N

- black Art. No. PNOSB28N

30.0 mm (clamp 34.9 mm with internal spacer / adapter)

- silver Art. No. PNOSS30S

- black Art. No. PNOSB30S

31.8 mm (for seat tubes with 30.5 - 32 mm diameter)

- silver Art. No. PNOSS31N

- black Art. No. PNOSB31N

34.9 mm (for seat tubes with 33.6 - 35 mm diameter)

- silver Art. No. PNOSS34N

- black Art. No. PNOSB34N

40 mm (for seat tubes with 38.7 - 40.2 mm diameter)

- silver Art. No. PNOSS40N

- black Art. No. PNOSB40N


The saddle clamp must be suitable for pitlock, i.e. the contact surfaces must be flat and parallel. The threads of the axis must be greased before assembly. The seat post must fit exactly into the seat tube and leave no room for maneuver.

Pitlock saddle clamp in combination with safety axle 33mm and end cap: