Set 19 thru axle 15mm for Stevens

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Through-axle suitable for Stevens K1 Superlite rigid-forks (in Stevens Super Flight, Courier Luxe, P18 and 8x Lite Tour - model year 2016/2017/2018).

Not compatible with other forks!


1 black Pitlock - thru-axle 15mm, 1 thread socket,  1 PIT-key and a code card.


  • Hub standard: 15 x 100 mm  
  • axle diameter: 15 mm
  • installation width: 100 mm
  • total length: 133,2 mm 
  • thread length: 15 mm
  • thread pitch: M14 x 1,5 mm  
  • needed contact surface: Ø22mm
  • weight: 85 g  (including thread socket)


The Pitlock thru axle is made of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel.


The thru axle is replaced by the coded Pitlock thru axle and protects against casual theft.

The coding can be produced custom-fit to your M5 Pitlock security system. 


As repeat order without Pit-Key and code ID card for your Pitlock security system.


Pitlock also offers the following thru axle sizes:

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