Artikelnr.: PNCGS00
EAN Nr.: 4260377560750, 4260377560767

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Individual coded Ahead Security, matches to all available Pitlock Systems.

You can buy a replacement to secure the Ahead Front part and the bike fork.


high quality, stainless steel


aluminium plug, teflon washer, coded M6 screws

M6 code bolt 32 mm installation width / length of the entire screw 40 mm


The aluminium plug is a part of the Pitlock Ahead Security. The lowered position of the plug safes the encoded head of the M6 screw.

Attention: Suitable only for AHEADsets with claw-mechanism. Not suitable for carbon fibre forks!


  • 1 1/8 " (standard sizes)
    • in black art. nr. PNCGB00 or
    • in silver art. nr.: PNCGS00
  • special sizes on request: 1 ¼ " 1 "


!Order only possible with code number!


Ahead System in combination with ALU FLAT CAP:   Ahead System without cap:
Ahead+Flat Cap   Ahead System