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article: M6 single, 1 encoded Pitlock locking screw M6 and accessories for rim brakes, disc brakes or headlight holder..
Repurchase, individually coded according to the existing PITLOCK - system.
material: high-quality stainless steel, teflon.

M6 coded screw length with head 40 mm, length without head 33 mm, thread length 27 mm, thread size M6
1 encoded M6 screw
1 security ring
1 teflon washer
2 thin washers
function: Protects one rim brake (V-break) or 1 disc brake or 1 headlight holder from theft.
Order only possible with existing code number!
variation: Also available as M6 single with 1 coded screw!



  • The locking ring requires a space (supporting surface) of 10 mm in the radius or rather 20 mm in the diameter around the thread, so that the Pitlock lock can be installed safely.
  • We recommend 2 Security Locks on Post-Mount-Adaptors

Order only possible with existing code number!