Repurchase Pitlock thru axle 12 for Rock Shox Maxle

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Thru axle identical in construction with 12 x 142 mm RockShox Maxle.

For rear wheels with Rock Shox thru axle mounts.

Find a list of frame modells with rear Maxle mount here.


1 black Pitlock – thru axle security 12mm and a code card



Pitlocks thru axles fit for the following dimensions only:


  • Hub standard12 x 142 mm  
  • Axle diameter: 12 mm
  • Installation width: 142 mm
  • Total length: 172 mm 
  • Thread length: 20 mm
  • Thread pitch: M12 x 1,75 mm  
  • Weight: 68 g                                               

Please compare the original axle on your bike with these dimensions to be sure to choose the correct Pitlock thru axle.

You can use our handy helpsheet for Thru axles



Pitlocks thru axle securities are made of high quality aluminium and stainless steel.


The thru axle will be replaced by the coded Pitlock Security axle and protects against casual theft. The coding can be produced perfectly fitting to your M5 Pitlock Securities.


As repurchase without Pit Key and code card to your Pitlock security.  


Pitlock also offers the following thru axle sizes:

Thru Axles

 More information about the Pitlock thru axle modells in the FAQs.