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Protect your bike parts from theft

Secures bicycle components with a coded system


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Sometimes a normal bicycle lock is not enough

The parts theft of valuable components on the bike is a huge problem. Everything that is not secured will be stolen over time.

Simple security with high quality

PITLOCK is rust-free, weatherproof, precisely fitting and easy to assemble.

PITLOCK life long

Worldwide and lifelong replacement and upgrade with special coding guaranteed.


- 5 min
- simple handling

High quality

- stainless steel
- weatherproof

1000 different codes

- reorder worldwide
- code registration

For life

- rustproof
- reusable

How it works
How PITLOCKS secure your bike parts

Our axes and screws have one of 1000 different code forms. These can only be opened with the associated PIT key, which is included in each set. With the assigned code number supplementary fuses and PIT-key can be purchased.

Locking principle

The special locking principle protects the coded parts from access. The Teflon washer protects against sticking, the spring washer locks the code nut, the locking ring is conically shaped and rotatably supported by the pressure washer. An external force is therefore unsuccessful.

Do PITLOCKS fit my bike?

Wheel hubs, saddles, headlights, brakes, forks and much more ... .. PITLOCK locks fit most common bicycle components. Let your bicycle dealer advise you or contact our competent customer service, we will be happy to help you!

Proven solution and many satisfied customers

Works !

Great principle, simple installation. Looks good on the bike.

Katja Ebers Hamburg
Safety for bicycle parts

I finally don't have to carry several bike locks with me anymore. Thanks Pitlock

Tom Preston New York
Quality and safety

Very well made product, feels and looks high quality. Gives me peace of mind when I have to leave my bike alone.

Leo Rigott Berlin
Replacement for quick release

Pretty flexible product. Different fuses, lengths and colors. Good customer service.

John Davis Medford

Protect your bike parts today

...because it might be too late tomorrow.

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