Pit Boat Single

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Secures your outboard motor


PITLOCK bolt (M10), Pit-lock, Pit-key, Codecard


Attention !!! Repeat or replacement orders of coded parts are only possible with the code number (on the code card) !!!


  • diameter: 10 mm
  • length (without head): 115 mm
  • maximum installation width: 100 mm
  • head diameter: 30 mm 
  • lock diameter: 30 mm
  • thread pitch: M10 x 1 mm  
  • weight: 130 g                                               


The complete Pitlock boat security locks are made out of high quality stainless steel.

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The regular bolts in the transom are replaced by one or two coded special bolts. PITLOCK® provides over a 1000 different codings, therefore every special bolt can only be opened and closed with the corresponding key. With the corresponding code card you’ll be able to rebuy all items. It is also possible to order several PIT-BOAT-locks with the same coding (for example for club or rental owners etc.).