Seat post axle/ headlight and holder axle without lock

Artikelnr.: PNOA023
EAN Nr.: 4260377560408, 4260377560392, 4260377560415, 4260377560422, 4260377561535, 4260377561528, 4260377561580, 4260377561597

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seat post axle with head without closure


all Pitlock axles are made of certified, high quality, stainless steel


The Pitlock axles are a substitute for quick-release or rather removable axles. In connection with the Pitlock closure, the valuable bike components are protected against theft.

Every axle has a thread of about 25 mm.

The axle diameter is 5mm (M5).

The axle designation has the maximal installation width, which is the entire axle length of 10 mm that the closure requires


SP= seat post installation width = 33 mm Standard Art. Nr. PNOA033

23 mm Art. Nr. PNOA023
45 mm Art. Nr. PNOA045
60 mm Art. Nr. PNOA060


The saddle clamp must be suitable for Pitlock, i.e. the contact surfaces must be flat and parallel.
The threads of the axles have to be greased before being installed. The seat post has to fit the seat tube precisely and must not leave a margin.

to the saddle clamps