Set 14

Artikelnr.: P140S31
EAN Nr.: 4260377560354, 4260377561481
34.90 €

Inc. 19% VAT in addtion shipping costs.
Weight: 0.07 kg

To determine the size of a fitting saddle clamp it is necessary to know the diameter of your seat post.

From now on PITLOCK makes it possible to secure the seat directly. The saddle clamp is attached directly on the seat tube with a PITLOCK-closure. Thus, access to the screw of the seatpost is barred to strangers.

The benefits of this extension:

* easy installation

* replacement with the same code you are already using for your Pitlock security system

* low weight

clamp set black


1 fitting saddle clamp, 1 PITLOCK axle with lock, 1 PIT key, code card (34.90 EUR (including 19% VAT, plus shipping)


!!! NOT suitable for carbon seatposts !!!

This PITLOCK security is also available as replacement with the same code you are already using WITHOUT a key


PITLOCK saddle clamps are available in the following 3 sizes:clamp 31.8

  • 28.6 mm/ 1" (for seat tubes with a diameter of min. 25.1 - max. 26.6 mm) silver art. nr. PNCDS28, black art. nr. PNCDB28
  • 31.8 mm/ 1 1/8" (for seat tubes with a diameter of min. 28,3 - max. 29,8 mm) silver art. nr. PNCDS31, black art. nr. PNCDB31
  • 34.9 mm/ 1 1/4" (for seat tubes with a diameter of min. 31,4 - max. 32.9 mm) silver art. nr. PNCDS34, black art. nr. PNCDB34


The sizes shown above relate to the internal diameter of the saddle clamp.

All saddle clamps are available in silver and black!



First, please clean and degrease the upper ending of your seat post. Then, glue the rubber strip onto the upper part of the seat post and and cut it into a suitable size. Finally, slide the saddle clamp with the bigger (wider) inner diameter from beneath over the rubber strip.  


  1. Slide the well greased Pitlock axle through the saddle clamp, then put all parts in the right order onto the axle.
  2. Put the coded nut with the slits directing towards the spring washer on there and tighten it with the PIT key.
  3. Tighten everything with the help of the PIT key by rotating it about 1 to 1 ½ times. 



If you already have PITLOCK on your bicycle, you can use your PITLOCK code number (on the code card) to order suitable securing devices directly for the saddle.


What does installation width mean?