Set 21 thru axle 15mm for Suntour (MTB)

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Pitlock Security for 15x100mm Suntour forks. 

Compatible with Suntour forks that use QLoc locking system.

Attention: To make sure that the Pitlock security lock fits on your bike, please verify that the original axle on your fork corresponds to the measures listed below.  


Pitlock security skewer with lock M5 (black),  Adapter 15x100mm (black), Pit-Key M5, Codecard



  • Hub standard: 15 x 100 mm  
  • axle diameter: 15 mm
  • installation width: 100 mm
  • axle length: 140 mm 
  • needed contact surface: 19 mm  
  • weight: 65 g                                                                                  

Installation width means the width between the dropouts or rather the width of the front hub.
Axle length means the installation width plus the width of the dropouts. It is the total length of the axle without head and lock.

Please compare the original axle on your bike with these dimensions to be sure to choose the correct Pitlock thru axle.


Pitlock security thru axles are made of hight quality aluminium and stainless steel.


Replace the original thru axle with Pitlock to secure your front wheel.

The security lock can be made compatible with your existing Pitlock M5 system. Therefore it is also available as spare part without PIT-Key and Codecard.


Pitlock also offers the following thru axle sizes:

Thru Axles

 More information about the Pitlock thru axle modells in the FAQs.


Suntour Pitlock an GabelSuntour Pitlock an Gabel