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  • M5 Lock

    16.40 €
    M5 Lock

    article: Pitlock closure M5 for the Pitlock axle  material: stainless steel, teflon content: 1 flat pressure washer for the Pitlock running wheel axis or 1 slightly curved pressure washer for the Pitlock saddle axis, 1 security ring, 1 teflon - and spring washer, 1 coded nut function: the closure is the counterpart to the head of the axis and Pitlocks actual centerpiece !Order only possible with codenumber! variation:  closure running wheel art. nr. PNC00VR closure saddle axis art. nr. PNC00VS

  • Protective cap

    4.00 €
    Protective cap

    Protective cap as an optical completion and protection for your M5 lock. 

  • Saddle clamp

    9.20 €
    Saddle clamp

    PITLOCK saddle clamps are available in various sizes.

  • Saddle loop

    11.30 €
    Saddle loop

    The saddle lock is the extension of the seat post lock (saddle axle) and consists of a stainless steel cable. The diameter of the loop eyelets (approx. 11 mm) is adapted to the saddle axle. Available in 4 lengths: 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm (the eyelet has a diameter of approx. 11 mm) Please select one of the 4 lengths for your bicycle.