Seatpost security

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1 fitting saddle clamp, 1 PITLOCK axle with lock


PITLOCK saddle clamps are available in the following 3 sizes:
  • 28.6 mm/ 1" (for seat tubes with a diameter of min. 27.5 - max. 28.8 mm) silver art. nr. PNCDS28, black art. nr. PNCDB28
  • 31.8 mm/ 1 1/8" (for seat tubes with a diameter of min. 30.5 - max. 32 mm) silver art. nr. PNCDS31, black art. nr. PNCDB31
  • 34.9 mm/ 1 1/4" (for seat tubes with a diameter of min. 33.6 - max. 335 mm) silver art. nr. PNCDS34, black art. nr. PNCDB34
clamp 31.8



The sizes shown above relate to the internal diameter of the saddle clamp.

All saddle clamps are available in silver and black!

The standard axle SA 33/43 fits all our saddle clamps !!!


If you already have PITLOCK on your bicycle, you can use your PITLOCK code number (on the code card) to order suitable securing devices directly for the saddle.


What does installation width mean?