Set 01/ GA

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EAN Nr.: 4260377560040, 4260377560057, 4260377561177, 4260377561184

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lock for front wheel and seat post, M6 screw and aluminium plug to secure the ahead system, 1 PIT key, 1 code card

ATTENTION !!! Repeat or replacement orders of coded parts are only possible with the code number (on the code card) !!!

To the installation guide

When installing the seat post security, please make sure that the outer pressure surfaces of the saddle clamp are both plane and parallel.
If this is not the case, you can order one of our saddle clamps.

To the Pitlock saddle clamps

Our sets commonly contain standard widths:

  • front wheel lock 119 mm installation width
  • seat post lock 33 mm installation width
  • M6 coded crew 32 mm installation width
  • aluminium plug 1 1/8 inch (available in silver or black)

 What is the installation width?

The following special widths are available for our sets:

  • front wheel lock 130 mm installation width
  • seat post lock 23 mm/ 45 mm /60 mm installation width

These special widths are available for our sets without any extra charge.
Please indicate your preferred special length at the end of your order, in the field "your message to us".

If none of these special widths fits, you still have the opportunity to use our universal skewer.
The skewer's diameter is 5 mm. 

M6 code bolts have 6 mm diameter.


Protect all the Pitlock locks of this Set with Pitlock protective caps and alu flat caps.