The Pitlock principle

The Pitlock principle

The Pitlock principle

The CNC precision-milled code form of the PITLOCK - nuts, screws and the associated Pit-key allows a
wide variety of codes, so that we can offer over 1000 different codings.

The special locking technology protects the coded parts from access. The white Teflon disc protects
the individual stainless steel parts from cold welding. The spring washer locks the code nut in the lock
when it is closed.

The locking ring is conically shaped and leaves just enough space for the code nut for the PIT key to
fit in. The pressure washer enables the locking ring to rotate freely, so that an external force is

To open the lock again, the pit key must be pressed in so that the springs of the spring washer unlock
the code nut and only then can it be turned.

This is a principle similar to the child safety device for medicine bottles.

Trust the double, patented locking technology from PITLOCK and secure your valuable bicycle parts
against theft.

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