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From now on it is possible to secure your bike seat directly against theft with the PITLOCK securing system.

The saddle clamp is secured directly on the seat tube with a PITLOCK-closure. Thus, access to the screw of the seat is barred to strangers.

!!!NOT suitable for carbon seatposts!!!

saddle directly to secure your valuable bikeseat 
seatpost made of high quality, stainless steel, teflon, seatclamp of aluminum and compensation rubber
Secures saddle clamp (please choose size and color) and saddle axle SA33. Replacement to secure your bikeseat. Individually coded to the matching Pitlock system.


Secures the saddle directly beneath the saddle with a seatclamp including compensation rubber and saddle axle with coded closure. 


This saddle directly security can only be inserted for smooth and plane tubes, that do not narrow towards the saddle. It provides a security for the saddle fixation screws by making it impossible to reach and unscrew them. 

The benefits of this expansion:

  • * easy installation 
  • * reorder with the same code to the existing PITLOCK-system
  • * low weight


PITLOCK saddle clamps are available in the following 3 sizes:

  • 28.6 mm/ 1" (for seat tubes with a diameter of min. 25.1 - max. 26.6 mm) silver art. nr. PNCDS28, black art. nr. PNCDB28
  • 31.8 mm/ 1 1/8" (for seat tubes with a diameter of min. 28,3 - max. 29,8 mm) silver art. nr. PNCDS31, black art. nr. PNCDB31
  • 34.9 mm/ 1 1/4" (for seat tubes with a diameter of min. 31,4 - max. 32.9 mm) silver art. nr. PNCDS34, black art. nr. PNCDB34
Special lengths of the axis on demand. 


All saddle clamps are available in silver and black!


!Order only possible with existing code number!