Repurchase, replacement and spare parts

  • Dropout

    24.60 €

    article: 1 Pitlock dropout security axis material: high quality, stainless steel, teflon content: 1 Pitlock axis M5 with head, continous thread and closure plus M8 threaded sleeve. measures: Entire length without head 30 mm, max. installation width 200 mm, sleeve M8 10 mm long. function: Secures the unscrewable dropouts by using a M5 axis and a M8 threaded sleeve. Repurchase to secure unscrewable, vertical dropouts.   Individually coded, amteches the available Pitlock system!   !Order only possible with code number!   It is sufficient, to exchange only one of the four screws on the unscrewable dropout with the Pitlock security.

  • Front wheel axle with lock

    High quality stainless steel skewer for front wheels. With closure.    

  • M5 Lock

    16.40 €
    M5 Lock

    article: Pitlock closure M5 for the Pitlock axle  material: stainless steel, teflon content: 1 flat pressure washer for the Pitlock running wheel axis or 1 slightly curved pressure washer for the Pitlock saddle axis, 1 security ring, 1 teflon - and spring washer, 1 coded nut function: the closure is the counterpart to the head of the axis and Pitlocks actual centerpiece !Order only possible with codenumber! variation:  closure running wheel art. nr. PNC00VR closure saddle axis art. nr. PNC00VS

  • M6 double

    40.10 €
    M6 double

    2 encoded Pitlock locking screws for rim brakes, disc brakes or headlight holder

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  • The saddle lock is the extension of the seat post lock (saddle axle) and consists of a stainless steel cable. The diameter of the loop eyelets (approx. 11 mm) is adapted to the saddle axle. Available in 4 lengths: 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm (the eyelet has a diameter of approx. 11 mm) Please select one of the 4 lengths for your bicycle.

  • Reduces the inner diameter of 34,9 mm seatpost clamps to 30,0 mm