Set 11 single

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1 x M6 code bolt,  security ring, teflon washer, 1 flat washer,1 PIT key, code card

To secure rim and disc brake and lampholders.

Attention !!! Repeat or replacement orders of coded parts are only possible with the code number (on the code card) !!!

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Our sets always contain standard widths:

  • M6 code bolt length with head 40 mm
  • Length without head 33 mm
  • thread length 27 mm
  • thread size M6

The screw´s diameter is 6 mm.



  •  The locking ring requires a space (supporting surface) of 10 mm in the radius or rather 20 mm in the diameter around the thread, so that the Pitlock lock can be installed safely.
  • We recommend 2 security locks on Post-Mount-Adaptors.


Brake Inst.