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Pit Stopper Video


2 PIT Stopper, 1 removal screw


Stainless steel Pit Stopper with internal thread. Removal screw.


Anti-theft device for all bicycle components attached with standard hexagon socket bolts.
The Pit Stoppers prevent from unauthorized unscrewing. They can only be removed by using the special screw attached.
The hexagon socket head remains intact.

The Pit Stopper can be used as often as desired.

Installation instructions


Available for the following sizes of standard hexagon socket heads (wrench size):  M5, M6 and M8

  • M5 (wrench size = 4mm)
  • M6 (wrench size = 5mm)
  • M8 (wrench size = 6 mm)
  • M10 (wrench size = 8mm)