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Expensive outer motors on your boat are very susceptible to theft. You secure these now with our Pit-Boat security sets.

Its as easy as effective: Just slide the Pitlock bolt through the transom and motor plate to additionally fix it with it. Like any other lock, only you will be able to open it again with your lock. Incase of lost or if you want to order more, you can reorder the security set or the single key anytime with the provided code. 


Pit-Boat security sets are available in two different sizes, depending on the size of the motor itself:

Pit-Boot M10 

M10 Bolt with M10x1 thread for small or medium seized outer motors.  


Pit-Boot M12 

M12 bolt with M12x1 thread for larger outer motors 


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  • article: spring washer for solid axles matching the Pitlock solid axle closures  material: high quality, stainless steel (just like all the other Pitlock products) function: The spring washer is part of the Pitlock closure. To lock the closure anchors its springs in the notches of the coded nut. To open the Pitlock closure the Pit key has to be pressed into the closure. This way the blades of the springwasher are pushed down and the coded nut is unlocked.  indication: Spring washers are wear parts and should be checked every now and then and be replaced if necessary. variation: spring washers for M10 1 bag containing 2 spring washers

  • Security set for front wheel, rear wheel, seatpost and ahead stem