PIT-Boat protection

Items in this category
  • Security set for headlight fixing on holder and on the frame bracket

  • security ring Art. Nr. PV00RS   article: security ring for solid axle material: stainless steel, precision manufactured function:  The rotatable security ring secures the coded nut against being opened forcibly.  The security ring is formed conical and leaves just as much space, that the Pit key fits accurately. 

  • SPRING WASHER M5 article nr.: PNOFS00   article: Spring washer M5 fitting to all Pitlock closures M5 material: The spring washer is like all other Pitlock parts made of high quality stainless steel and especially manufactured for Pitlock. function: The spring washer is part of the Pitlock closure and anchors its springs in the notches of the coded nut. This is how the closure is locked. To open the Pitlock closure the Pit key has to be pressed into the closure, in order to push down therefore unlock the coded nut. indication: spring washer are closing parts and should be checked from time to time if necessary. variations: 1 bag contains 5 spring washers.

  • Protective cap as an optical completion and protection for your M5 lock.