PIT-Boat protection

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  • Secures: Front wheel (installation width = 119 mm standard) Rear wheel (installation width = 155 mm standard) Seat post (installation width = 33 mm standard) 1 Pit with code pass  During saddle installation it should be ensured that the outer  contact surfaces of the saddle clamp are flat and parallel.

  • PIT key for solid axles: M10, SH90, SH38 and Pit boat Art. Nr. PV00PIT article: Key to the PITLOCK solid axle and for the matching PITLOCK closure.  To open and close.  material: high quality, stainless steel function: To open and close the Pitlock solid axles closure. !Order only possible with code number!  

  • function: Secures the front wheel solid axle of the Shimano hub dynamo by using a M9 x 1 thread. A closure for one side. content: 1 closure M9 x 1, 1 Pit key for solid axles, 1 code card installation guide (solid axles) important: The protruding thread is supposed to stick out of the dropout for approximately 14mm. The locking ring requires a space (supporting surface) of 15 mm in the radius or rather 30 mm in the diameter around the thread, so that the Pitlock lock can be installed safely.  attention: Both Pitlock systems for quick-releases and for solid axles have two different measurements. Due to the different thread sizes the keys of the two Pitlock-systems are not combinable. The closures for M5 and M6 are significantly smaller than the “thick” solid axles. Our solid axle systems are combinable! So if you have a Shimano solid axle dynamo on your front wheel and a Rohloff solid axle or a Shimano Alfine/ Nexus on your rear wheel, these two hubs can be secured with the same coding.

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